About us

Brazil stands out for having one of the largest reforested areas of Pine and Eucalyptus in the world, being among the countries with the largest volume of forest products.

Reprodux Brasil starts its operations motivated by the existing opportunities in the National and International Markets working in the area of export as a Trading Company, we provide practical solutions for the main activities in international trade. We aim through effective actions to develop specific solutions for the business, optimizing the profitability of our operations, and respecting the cultural diversity of our clients and partners.

Reprodux Brasil is the ideal partner for foreign companies looking for quality, term and competitive price. We participate in the entire process, since the forest stewardship certification until the final delivery of our products.

Where we are

Reprodux Brasil is located in São Paulo - SP, the main business center of Brazil and near the largest port and airport in Latin America. Reprodux Brasil also has partners and suppliers in São Paulo and the South region of Brazil, in order to provide greater competitiveness to our operations.


Provide international operations with agility and focus on the final result, lead the producer, especially the small and medium ones, to send goods abroad, inserting them in the international market.


In a sustainable way, become a reference in the forest products market, being chosen by the market as the best option for customers and suppliers.
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Develop our activities according to the sustainability of the environment;
Responsibility to fulfill our commitments and contracts;
Win by competitive competence;
Transmit information clearly and objectively, always showing the truth;
Sincere and true relationship between people to maintain trust each other;
Persevere, insist and make it happen.

Why us

Competitive prices and payment terms
Consolidation of the large volume and inventory
High standard of quality control (at the mil and pre-shipment inspection)
Flexibility of loading ports (Paranaguá, São Francisco do Sul, Itajai, Navegantes, Itapoá, Santos, ect)

Solid knowledge about the Brazilian wood market as well as the international market
Large network of suppliers (sawmills, plywood mills, remanufactured wood products plants, etc)
Solid financial capability to foster a large range of suppliers
Long-term partnership with service providers

Expertise in procurement and product development
Door delivery
Social and environmental compliance of suppliers


More and more producers awake to the international market as an option of supplier, be it for consumer goods, inputs, among others. Mastering Global Sourcing, for many suppliers makes the big difference, turning the international buyer into a key part of the business.

Reprodux Brasil watchful to the needs and business opportunities has been developing in this area, we are able to export to anywhere in the world and with total interest in serving producers in the domestic market and buyers in the foreign market.

  • We mediate indirect exports.
  • Direct contact with agents / buyers abroad.
  • Partnership with National and International Logistics Operators of the Market.
  • Transparency throughout the whole process.
  • Specific projects according to demand and need.
  • Purchase and sale of goods and prospecting of Brazilian producers.
  • Crude gum
  • Wood and forest products
  • Grains
  • Inputs for various areas
  • Among others